The following is a list of creatives who have contributed to the four decade old collaborative arts culture of the Broker’s Building Gallery. The section is in two parts: Active Contributors and Legacy Members. Active contributors are those creatives and artists who continue to support the cause of public arts. Legacy Members are those who have historically contributed to the culture that has established the BBAGB. Both lists will expand through continued efforts of art activism as well as art research.

Fundraiser Contributors

Daniel Mar – Event Production Referral
Manuel Delgado & Xociety Collective – fashion, dj, music, installation art, graphic design, video editing
Shaun Pena – dj, audio recording, equipment
Sals Omega – dj, audio recording, equipment, lighting, graphic design, video editing
Nick – dj, audio recording, equipment, lighting, graphic design, video editing
Vivvi the Force (Kyle Merriweather) – drag, fashion, make-up, tailoring and seamstress
Jehlad Hickson – Muscian, Keynote Speaker, Therapist
Kyle Coleman – Music, equipment: color lights, portable speakers, graphics and sticker production, pizza catering
Raef Khalsa – Creative direction, music production, songwriting, public service.
Ambrose Bellow – Audio recording, performance, barista, live sound.
Dominik Bellow – songwriting, drums and gear, music theory/ vision.
Rodrigo Bars – singer, producer, illustrator
Diego Arriaga – acrylic painting, catering, hosting
Devin A. Peyton – guitar, audio equipment
Oliver Herrera – graphics and sticker production, Mexican international music and production, singer, guitarist, music recording.
Kalidas Shanti – speaker, poet, spoken word, improv, writing, website management, cash handling and accounting
Lisbeth Machado, Yago & the Visiters

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Legacy Artists

Hans Chobolits
Beto Soto
Chris Herzog
Tim Casey
Alex Sacsa Toporovsky
Nicole Connelly
Helena Espinoza
Joanne Barrows
Carl Raymond Schmidt
Renee Tay
Norman Tancioco
Yomar Augusto
Dan Camp
Claudia Mackey
Carolyn Bjornson
Ramona from Romania
Madeline Sherry
Jo Caldwell
Peter Suckzec
Stephen Morris
Walter Bauman
Harry Holiday
Shepard Fairey
Richard Allen Morris
Tom Driscoll
…and more!

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