Want to join me in supporting a good cause? I’m raising money for The Brokers Building Gallery and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support. I’ve included information about The Brokers Building Gallery below. 

Our gallery is looking to relocate, ideally somewhere in the downtown area and maintain it’s tradition grassroots arts. Some of the articles in which we’ve been featured: 

From: “The Broker’s Building Art Gallery Board comes from a tradition of grassroots cooperation and grassroots organizing. Our forerunner of the board was the amazing Ms. Madeline Sherry who had established things over ten years ago along with Mr. Dan Camp and other predecessors during the 90s.” 

From: “Local artist Helena Espinoza is president of the Broker’s Building Art Gallery board, a grassroots organization that manages the gallery and studio place in the Gaslamp building. According to Broker’s Building Art Gallery’s Facebook page, the group is a decades-old, authentic arts institute in the Gaslamp Quarter that aims to “preserve the tradition of the arts for the people and by the people.” Because many artists can’t receive money from the city, Espinoza said some rely on real estate investors. “Often, real estate investors acquire a building and let artists and counter-culturalists create some form of popularity there until the area’s value increases,” she said. “Then finally when there’s enough attention on a location’s potential, they drive up the rent and drive out the loyal, unique customers [such as the artists who use the gallery].” Espinoza said this strategy benefits market capitalists but harms artists. “You must ask investors who shun the steady lower income of self-made professionals like artists, musicians, start-ups and mom-and-pop shops,” she continued. “Sure, throwing away one penny isn’t much. But do it a thousand times? A million times? A billion? A trillion? It eventually adds up.” 

The Broker’s Building Gallery has been an authentic arts institution of the Gaslamp Quarter for decades, quietly nestled in the City of San Diego. Notable outsider artists such as Richard Allen Morris and Tom Driscoll worked within these building walls as well as Shepard Fairey, founder of the OBEY clothing brand.
Help us preserve the tradition of arts for the people and by the people for generations to come.