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Please support us by taking out one of the following membership donations. Membership ensures we have public art spaces for all of our creatives of visual, sound and performance arts. Membership at all levels includes VIP access to a variety of envelope pushing art events as well as candid workshops, lectures and demonstrations from artists in our network. Be sure to become a volunteer or intern for professional opportunities:

– All ages welcome for age appropriate programming.
– Event access contingent on fulfilling contracted hours.
– Customer service experience/ public speaking skills required.
– Must be employed or volunteering at another non-profit.
– Send inquiries to
– Must have student ID, transcript and Service Learning Agreement.
– Multiple majors welcome, but no more than 20 hrs a week.
– Customer service experience/ public speaking skills required.
– Must be enrolled at least half-time in college on an internship course.
– Send inquiries to
Become a VIP Patron!!!
– VIP access to private events.
– Discounted concessions menu.
– Guest list privileges of up to one guest.
– Discounted VIP table hosting with compliments.
– Limited access to art lounge (open times, non buyouts).
Become an Art Startup Member!!!!
– VIP Patron Member benefits.
– Artist residence with art storage, lounge and annex access.
– Limited BBAGB voting, operations and programming privileges.
– Limited BBAGB endorsement marketing and social media promotion.
Become an Angel Advocate Investor!!!!!
– Full VIP Patron Member benefits.
– Art Startup Member benefits.
– Contractor and corporate takeover priority.