Legacy Artists

The Broker’s Building Art Gallery Board at 402 Market Street, San Diego, CA is a recent formalization of a local community cultural institution of more than 40 years recently featuring traditional oil painters such as Jo Caldwell, Madeline Sherry, Dan Camp, Hans Chobolits, Peter Suczeck and many others. Under the direction of Ms. Helena Espinoza and Mr. Qamar Bradford, the board has formalized into a 501(c)(3) organization in the hopes of becoming a self-sufficient body of artists maintaining our origins as a Grassroots Gallery and contributing to arts for the public.

A Gaslamp Historical Society recognized facility that was once owned by Levi Strauss of Levi’s Jeans Co. the Broker’s Building Gallery was competitively located near the San Diego Convention Center which is home to a variety of events—especially the annual $100 million-dollar revenue driving International Comic Convention. In the heart of the Gaslamp district, home to fine dining such as Cohn Restaurant Group and major nightlife companies like Petco Park, Hard Rock Hotel and RMD Group, the Broker’s Building Gallery was the only grassroots art facility of its kind strategically near the main activity of Fifth Avenue.

We finished incorporating our non-profit status last year and can provide our new partners a great opportunity as not only a tax write-off as well as a liability buffer. We can also serve as a built-in way of gaining community buy-in through community services with schools and community non-profits. We have space to change and adapt to a new vision of becoming a premiere popular arts institute to add prestige and value to the Golden Hills neighborhood. We’ve also been featured in the media in several articles for events just past year:

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Brokers Building Original Facilities

The third floor had a variety of suites (around 41). The fourth floor housed larger suites and the gallery with about 12 suites.