Press Release

Golden Glove Art Show

Latex, plastic, silicon, epoxy–Ramona of Romania delves into all of the artifices of our modern aesthetic. She explores the plastic fakeness of sex, love, work and relationships through the art that she produces. Her exhibit features sculpture made of latex protections, i.e. gloves, contraceptives, etc. She extrapolates meaning, character and sentiment from those little disposables on which we rely the most for our often most central and intrinsic, but conversely what are also our most fleeting needs.

In an era of disposable Tinder relationships, treatable conditions and casual correlations, Ramona offers a remorseless, clean and mature experience you can immerse yourself in without feeling guilty… without getting too wet either!

Ramona’s show is a private invitational show that will run in the Broker’s Building Gallery starting from August 26th and ending in a reception on September 15th form 5 PM to 11 PM. For show details, contact the artist by email at