About Us

The Broker’s Building Art Gallery Board’s mission is to provide informed, stimulating and valuable art experiences that compliment the diverse demographics of San Diego while reflecting and preserving the heritage of our historic building in dedication and support of freedom of speech and the proliferation of creative professions, their history and technical studies. The BBAGB’s objectives:

  1. To provide informed, stimulating and valuable art experiences;
  2. To fit and compliment the diverse demographics of San Diego;
  3. To celebrate San Diego’s culture, history and heritage;
  4. To maintain the tradition of freedom of speech and expression as enshrined by the US Constitution;
  5. And to be an institution dedicated to the development, proliferation and preservation of creative professionals of San Diego County.

Corporate Information


BBAGB Board Members

Studio: Helena San Diego Studio

Helena Espinoza, President
Acrylic Painter, Realtor & Public Notary


Qamar Bradford, Vice President
Men’s Talent Consulting, Workforce Development & Equal Opportunity Advocacy

Daniel Mar Designs & Haus of Flash

Daniel Mar, Interior Design Director
Interior Design, Interior Architecture & Fashion

Chobolits Paintings

Hans Chobolits (Jan Prochazka) – Senior Adviser
Oil Painting, European Art & Eastern European Culture

Oil Paintings of Hans Chobolits on BBAGB YouTube

The Art of ZBO

Peter Suczeck – Senior Adviser
Oil Painting. American Landscapes & Blues Musician

The Paintings of Peter Suckzek

Diego Arriaga Studio

Diego Arriaga – Senior Advisor
Diego Arriaga
Ibrahim Kahlil
Oscar Cruz


Dominique Reynoso – Administrative Volunteer
Studio: Domique’s Creations
Energy Crystals, Therapeutic Bath Products & Art Sales

Coming Soon:
Delilah Silverman – Film and Media Outreach
Studio: Microfilm and Art Festival

Rodrigo Bars – Recording Artist Musician
Studio: Music and Recording


The Broker’s Building Art Gallery Board at 402 Market Street, San Diego, CA was a formalization of a local community cultural institution of more than 40 years featuring traditional oil painters such as Claudia Mackey, Joanne Barrows, Mary Ann Carr, Jo Caldwell, Madeline Sherry, Dan Camp, Hans Chobolits, Peter Suczeck and many others. Under the direction of Ms. Helena Espinoza and Mr. Qamar Bradford, the board formalized into a 501(c)(3) organization in the hopes of becoming a self-sufficient body of artists maintaining our origins as a Grassroots Gallery and contributing to arts for the public.

Housed in a Gaslamp Historical Society recognized facility that was once owned by Levi Strauss of Levi’s Jeans Co. the Broker’s Building Gallery was competitively located near the San Diego Convention Center which is home to a variety of events—especially the annual $100 million-dollar revenue driving International Comic Convention. In the heart of the Gaslamp district, home to fine dining such as Cohn Restaurant Group and major nightlife companies like Petco Park, Hard Rock Hotel and RMD Group, the Broker’s Building Gallery was the only grassroots art facility of its kind strategically near the main activity of Fifth Avenue. The third floor had a variety of suites (around 41). The fourth floor housed larger suites and the gallery with about 12 suites.

Incorporated in 2016 BBAGB has begun a new chapter to provide community partners a great opportunity as not only a tax write-off as well as a built-in way of gaining community stakeholder buy-in through community services with schools and community non-profits into the arts. With a new residence at 1827 Fifth Avenue, around the corner from Balboa Park, the new rebranding of the Broker’s Building Art Gallery Board (BBAGB) captures the DIY spirit of the old collective as well as the historical stylings and raw grassroots spirit. Introducing the BBAGB’s new venture: EXHIBITOR. EXHIBITOR will not only support visual artists but also sound and performance creatives. Furthermore it will also serve as platform for public charitable service, free speech and business incubation for San Diego’s creative community.

Public Financial Reporting

Donate to;
Broker’s Building Art Gallery Board
Tax ID 82-1962496
Charity Number – 4035801