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Recently relocated by Balboa Park, the Broker’s Building Art Gallery Board is composed of members who are an eclectic group. We include a variety of ages, ethnicities, genders, orientations and nationalities. Our newest venture Exhibitor stems out of our 40 year tradition of creative collaboration.

The Broker’s Building Gallery has been an authentic arts institution of the Gaslamp Quarter for decades, quietly nestled in the City of San Diego. Notable outsider artists such as Richard Allen Morris and Tom Driscoll worked within these building wall. Even popular artists like Shepard Fairey, founder of the OBEY clothing brand, were said to have once had a studio in the Broker’s Building. Please help us preserve the tradition of arts for the people and by the people for generations to come.

With your support we hope we can expand our ranks and create meaningful, enjoyable shows for the communities we represent in downtown East Vilage’s new IDEA District.

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The BBAGB is a nationally and state registered 501(c)(3 )non-profit (all revenue is recycled) entity, registered for transparency with GuideStar. Below you’ll find detailed financial reports on concessions, maintenance and fundraising expenditures.

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