San Diego Naked Yoga

BBAGB considers creativity as a holistic process that meets all the needs of the individuals involved. Although the arts are filled with a history of tormented creatives like the “starving artist” or the “addicted musician”, such tormented tropes are not sustainable and are ultimately taxing to communities from which they come. The BBAGB encourages creatives that also focalize health and encourage our collaborators to provide health art offerings as well. In modern psychology Abraham Maslow set out a theory of Human Needs that includes physiological, safety, love, intellect, altruism, etc. and that arts is a revolutionary method of meeting those needs.

Please explore our community of health centered creatives join their classes and workshops on creative ways of health and self-improvement:

Naked Yoga offers a greater level of awareness and sense of freedom that inspires a more mindful and connected practice. Classes are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm at the Brokers Building Art Gallery. Registration Link: