Hidden Shadows of the Secret Chamber

HSSC is a martial art movie review podcast the provides great.

Just so you get an idea of us we started this review podcast, because we love martial arts and film in general. I’ve studied martial arts for 8 years and have watched martial art films since before I could walk.

We never could find a reliable source that would break down action choreography and review a kung fu flick on a martial level, instead of just the lack of story. So we decided to do it ourselves!

We chose the name Hidden Shadows to accentuate the subtleties of life, and how everything can come together if we take notice of even the things that many times go unnoticed. Plus I wanted to make people laugh, give a bit of history, and do a homage to old long kung fu flick titles!

We eventually started riffing as we watched and it reminded us of Mystery Science Theater and classic parody film Kung Pow.