Opportunity Arts

Opportunity Arts is an ongoing youth arts collaborative that has grown out of local talent recognizing the cultural loss of the Broker’s Building and its organic collective. In love with the historic charm of the California history Levi Strauss built, Gaslamp youth–many the children of Gaslamp business owners and employees–took up a cause to advocate for the arts.

Although creativity and art have fueled planning and futurism, class, sexism, ageism, ableism, racism, etc. have adversely affected its dissemination and access into society. And even with the newest national policy of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, young people, especially between the ages of 16-24, have limited professional employment opportunities in the arts.

Through collaborating with work-age youth (21-24) as leadership, we hope to employ an “Opportunity Arts Initiative” that creates REAL creative workforce opportunities, mentoring programs, workshops and educational scholarships coming from disability, low income, minority, LGBTQIA+ and various other minority and at-risk backgrounds. And we also wish to assist those who may fall outside of those areas with affordable and accessible programming and art opportunities to fulfill their universal needs of personal development, transcendence and altruism.

Through art lets not only transform our world. Let’s improve it!