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Celebrate Free Expression BBAGB’s goal is rooted in advocating for your First Amendment RIghts: beliefs, speech, assembly and all the expressions those entail. Get to know us and align with us to keep art grassroots, accessible and free! LEARN MORE Book an Event Book BBAGB for art exhibits, live performances, fundraisers, podcasts, birthday parties, recitals,…

01. art lounge

Become a monthly member and participate in events, group shows, movie nights, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and more…

02. art cowork

Have a center city place to create, paint, podcast, design, etc. Store supplies in our art lockers, show your work, and join our board

03. book events

Use our space as an easy to access, center city event space to book for your next party, meeting, get together, etc. at a competitive rate!

Your safe-space for free expression.


Please support us by taking out one of the following membership donations. Membership ensures we have public art spaces for all of our creatives of visual, sound and performance arts. Membership at all levels includes VIP access to a variety of envelope-pushing art events as well as candid workshops, lectures and demonstrations from artists in our network.


Legacy Studio – Studio spaces dedicated to the Broker’s Building network which has been an institution of over 50 years.

Gallery Lounge – A dedicated art lounge for guests, student members and VIP members to attend workshops or just do art (during open hours).

Multipurpose Room – Open space dedicated to exhibitions, fashion shows, film showings, auctions, etc. (and auxiliary space during open hours).

Sound Studio – Recording studio for podcasting, music, vlogging, etc.

Artists Bar – A craft hangout space for our artists to chat, host and make crafted concessions for shows, guests or just for practice.

Art Lockers – A dedicated keyed locker for artists to store supplies when working or even when attending conventions, conferences or visiting artists in San Diego.

for creatives, by creatives.

The Broker’s Building Art Gallery Board history all began at 402 Market St. in the historic Levi Strauss Broker’s Building.

The Broker’s Building Art Gallery Board’s mission is to provide informed, stimulating and valuable art experiences that compliment the diverse demographics of San Diego while reflecting and preserving the heritage of our urban Gaslamp arts heritage in dedication and support of freedom of speech and the equitable proliferation of creative professions, their histories and technical studies.

Qamar Bradford, President/ Founder
Vocational Counselor, comic creator and arts model
Jarrod Harrison, Vice President
Harvard Law School JD and self-taught landscape paint enthusiast.
Milly Reed, Secretary
Classically Italian trained Sculptor and owner of Studio Scultura
BBAGB is always looking for new board members! We currently have openings available for:
-Public Relations/ Press