Backstage Costume Gallery
A backstage changing room attached to the stage with a variety of props, costumes, hats, etc. for studio photography. The collection also includes a variety of fabrics and cloths.

Art Storage (under construction)
A storage loft with flat art, rolled art and 3-D art storage space as well as a limited supply reserve.

Insured by Hiscox Insurance

Get involved as a resident artist, event planner or workshop facilitator by emailing us at info@brokersbuilding.org.

Conduct Code Agreement

The BBAGB is an active art community of diverse people platforming expressing free speech, performance, fitness, visualization, etc. under the Inalienable Rights of the First Amendment. But at the same time we require all communitity remembers to understand that free speech isn’t free unless we respect each other’s right to dignity and humanity.

For any and all activities, please sign and agree to our Conduct Code Agreement.

Payment Methods



Check/ Money order:
Broker’s Building Art Gallery Board
Tax ID 82-1962496