The Grassroots Art Gallery

Email: [email protected]


Get involved as a resident artist, event planner or workshop facilitator by texting or calling us at (619) 518-2026 or emailing [email protected]. Booking base rate is $100.00 an hour.

Event Plan Submission

This is a helpful form we’ve used in the past for event organizing. Please complete this first, then book a time to review the plan and evaluate the space. Please COPY and PASTE this Google doc to make it easier to plan:


For booking send an introduction email and separate Outlook/ Gmail/ iCal invitation to [email protected]. DO NOT DOUBLE BOOK! Please allow one event per day and avoid same day bookings with other artists. Prior booked time slots will take precedence in cases of schedule changes, double bookings or cancellations.

Visit the link here to see our upcoming events:


  • 21+ only (parent/guardian required for minors).
  • Code of Conduct, NDA, Liability Release required for all participants.
  • Ideal for organizer-attendee marketing outlets like Eventbrite.
  • 50 person capacity (staff included)
  • Guest must provide security (required)
  • 17 tables/ 24 chairs available
  • Bar, microwave, coolers and refrigerators available.
  • Must bring your own supplies.
  • Pins, nails, etc are ok for hanging as long as clean up after.
  • Projector, limited outlets, sound system available with Bluetooth (no mic).
  • Stage and changing room available.
  • Negotiable rates for indie creators.

Conduct Code Agreement

The BBAGB is an active art community of diverse people platforming expressing free speech, performance, fitness, visualization, etc. under the Inalienable Rights of the First Amendment. But at the same time we require all community remembers to understand that free speech isn’t free unless we respect each other’s right to dignity and humanity.

For any and all activities, please sign and agree to our Conduct Code Agreement.

Payment Methods


Check/ Money order:
Broker’s Building Art Gallery Board
[email protected]
Tax ID 82-1962496