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Meeting No. 4 – Agenda – 6/10/2020

NEW COVID-19 Precautions: As those BBAGB serve as essential first line staff (operations, building improvement, paid members) to keep operations going, we encourage and accommodate social distancing, wearing PPE and utilizing remote meeting software.

The gallery will be closed to all non-members until July.

All non-essential team members and guests (volunteers, non-paid and guests) are asked to call in via teleconference.

Dial-in number: (701) 802-5261; Access code: 8808548

Meeting No. 4 – Agenda – 6/10/2020

  1. Check In

Introductions (Charity cause, Art medium, Profession)

  • Members
  • Guests

Major Announcements

  • *Vacancies & NPO Status
  • *Property, Security Access
  • Reports (5:15) PM


  • Spike announced this week due to last two week’s protests
  • Maximize precautions and reduce activity
  • PPE Best practices
  • Protect legacy members


  • Membership – Rates, Rules, Refunds and Daily Use (PayPal, check, cash)
  • Donations –
  • Balances – TBA
  • Expenses
    • Lease & Utilities – ahead
    • Insurance – current
    • Wi-Fi (Admin only) – current
    • Website -current
    • Security (ADT?)
    • Cleaning service (?)
    • Trash (?)
    • Tax/ Legal preparer (?)


  • *Board Vacancies, paperwork update and resubmission (**Critical**)
    • Nominations (must be current member, currently employed, send resume to [email protected]) Vote held
    • Vice President*
    • Secretary*
    • Operations/ Facilities*
    • Publicity/ Press
  • *Security
    • Quote from ADT
    • Respecting property (liability insurance, rec Hiscock)
    • Annex must be cleared when not working
    • No substance use policy
    • EEO Policy

Events Calendar

(Calendar Postponed: COVID-19, Protests, Board and Property**)

  • Seniors Charity Fundraiser: Help Hans ship his work to the Czech Republic
  • Weekly Programming – Call for Instructors (painting, drawing, yoga, language, etc.)
  • June Grand Opening (Postpone?)
    • MFAF
    • Push to July?
    • Pride Events
    • Anniversary of original Brokers close July 31st, 2019
  • Charity Announcements & Fundraiser requests
Fri – VIP ReceptionSat
6 PM Reg 730-830 Open Bar 8 PM Board Intro Contributor Honors Appeal to Membership & Sponsors 9 PM Music & Lounge 11 PM Close12 AM – 2 PM Art at the Park (General) 3-6 PM MFAF 6 PM Exhibitor Intro Silent Auction Music & Vendors 12 PM Close
  1. Open Floor & Public Issue (6 PM)
  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    What does the First Amendment mean to you?
  • Black Lives Matter Protests & Justice Reform – What does “defund” really mean?
  • Antifa, Agitator and Counter-protest (hate speech) – How do we identify and prevent?
  • Journalism, Adult Expression & Internet Censorship – How can we expand our voice and fight conspiracies, stigma and bias?