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Meeting No. 2 – Agenda


A Creative Collective

COVID-19 Precaustions: As those BBAGB serve as essential first line staff to keep operations going, we encourage and accommodate social distancing, wearing PPE and utilizing remote meeting software. All team members are welcome to attend meetings in-person with proper precautions or via Zoom (a link will be provided). Feel free to video call, text, etc, if needed.

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Old Business

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EEO Purpose

Building Improvements

As a team we’ve accomplished a great deal which includes the folowing thats pictured.

  1. Hans Chobolits – Staircase construction
  2. Diego Arriga Studio – Bar shelving, refreshments, and platform railing.
  3. Daniel Mar Designs – Drywall repair, wall priming, gate painting coordination, bathroom primimng
  4. Dominique Reynoso – Café equipment, coffee and mugs, painting cataloguing and social media
  5. Helena San Diego Studio – Membership, policy guidance, real estate negotiation, backing and oversight
  6. QABPROSERV – Finacial backing, legal underwriting, networking, marketing and promotion
The inside of a building

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Art Lounge

Designation – Employ 9×9 white linen cloths and nylon cord to create more privacy.

Community center functions – Place to hold small workshops, community meetings, demos, etc.

Retail functions – Eventual upgrade to display cases and shelving to sell retail items.

A living room

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New Business

Building Improvement TBD

Window Treatments

Employ 9×9 red linen cloths and nylon cord to create more privacy. Eventually find mirrored or frosted window liners.

Art Annex, Stage & Sound Booth

  1. Photography Stage – Backdrop, lights and camera stand provided interim for stage by QABPROSERV..
  2. Stage – Under design discussion with QABPROERV and Diego Arriaga Studio. Considering palettele recycling method using finished and nested pallettes that can be configured to make a large stage, a long runway or used individually for hosting tables.
  3. Sound Booth – Under discussion with Rodrigo Bars Music.
  4. Film Programming – Under discussion with Delilah Silvermand and Microfilm and Art Festival
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Kitchenette, Recycling & Tdieness

  1. Sink and bathroom Maintenance – Clean as you go to keep bathroom, kitchenettes and floors clean. Return items as you find them and put items left out back into respective studios.
  2. Fire and Electrical Safety – Absolutely no burnable materials. Aggressively utilize electric alternatives with a buffer. Always blow fan for smoke from electrical fumers, paint spray or chemicals. Wrap exension cord wires and keep them taped or running along walls or boundaries. Plug into strategic outles and don’t unplu the items of others.
  3. Paint and Chemical Disposal – Ensure all small batch chemicals are neutralized and generously diluted diluted. Lage batch paints should be disposed off premise unless they can be recycled into another artwork.
  4. Communal Sharing – Replaced Khalil’s Non-Alc Beer. Refilled toilet paper and towels. Always bring in smething to share


Ron Strandberg – Administrative and Fine Art Programming


Delilah Silverman – Art & Microfilm Festival

Daniel Mar Designs – Pride Events

Art at the Park – Helena San Diego Studio

AA Art Therapy Group – Lindsey & Corey

Life Drawing – QABPRSERV


Open Floor

1827 5th Ave. San Diego CA, 92110

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